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Tripe Inspired Me to Challenge You to Try Natural #PawNatural

I have a challenge for you - let your dog try green tripe!

Only Natural Pet´╗┐ has green tripe treats - our dogs LOVE them, a bag lasts forever with our pack. They have 100% recall when they see the bag in my hands. Go figure.

You’ve all inspired me to switch to vinegar for cleaning! Thank you. What other tips do you have for me?

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Researching Raw Dog Food Can Be Confusing

Thank you to everyone who send me raw food questions! I am still blown away by the amount of information available on raw food; BARF or Primal, Premade or Homemade, Partial Kibble or No Kibble - everyone has an opinion. The best advice I have to offer is not to allow someone to push you before you’re ready. This is confusing enough without being pressured too :)

Please know that if you have any questions, you can always ask me :)